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Organizational changes at Dole


Dole announced a succession plan for two of its operational divisions, which includes internal candidates transitioning to more substantial leadership roles.

“We have implemented the following succession plan at two of our operating divisions,” said Michael Carter, Dole’s president and chief operating officer. “David Murdock and I are pleased to have the following internal successors at our Vegetables and North America Fresh Fruit divisions:

  • Howard Roeder has been promoted to president of Dole Fresh Vegetables, reporting to me and now replacing Ray De Riggi, who is retiring;

  • Cynthia Nunes and Todd Camel have been promoted to VP and co-general manager of Fresh Fruit North America, each reporting to me, and who will be working closely together in now replacing Michael Cavallero, who is retiring; and

  • John Trummel now reports to me in his role as VP and general manager of Dole Ocean Cargo Express.”

The company noted that the changes and reorganization will allow Dole to address the "continued volatility in some of Dole’s businesses and the unpredictable nature of its commodity produce businesses in general." It also will help to improve the company's worldwide operations and fits in with Dole's strategic focus on promoting the benefits of consuming fresh fruits and vegetables.

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