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OrderDynamics Dynamic Action offers new omnichannel capabilities


London – The Dynamic Action retail decision intelligence application from OrderDynamics now incorporates offline and online store data to provide a comprehensive omni-channel view of products, customers, channels and marketing. The OrderDynamics commerce suite, with Dynamic Action’s newest capabilities at the core, identifies opportunities for retailers to achieve this type of omni-channel functionality:

• Re-allocation of stock between stores and warehouses.

• Decreased fulfillment time and improved profit with dynamic ship-from-store options.

• Recommended offline products to publish and feature online.

• Optimized marketing spend and customer experiences with actionable product insights across channels.

• Personalized customer experiences and profit increases by leveraging customer data, purchase history and activity indicators across offline and online channels.

• Implementing the best pricing strategies between online and offline channels.

The omnichannel enhancements to Dynamic Action complement the OrderDynamics retail suite, which includes its enterprise commerce platform, order management system and in-store point-of-service application.

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