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Online Software Offers Better Direct Marketing for Small Businesses


Decision Intelligence, Inc., a Minnetonka, Minn.-based consulting, analytics and database-marketing solutions company, has announced the launch of clario, its new suite of Web-hosted software services. The clario platform is designed to offer database marketing professionals the latest in analytical technology with the convenience of an online, subscription service. For the first time, database marketers and analysts can have easy, secure, Web-based access to the most powerful predictive models, advanced contact streams and more effective workflows. clario also offers an extremely innovative, easy-to-use interface and a number of features not offered by traditional software products. 

 As a Web-based platform, clario is designed to handle limitless information. Terabytes of raw customer-behavioral data can be stored and used from multiple database silos. Also, clario is offered as an online subscription service, so marketers and analysts can eliminate the need for IT support and costly hardware requirements. In addition, customers receive the newest features and software upgrades immediately, without additional installations required. And, unlike with other software products, clario requires no upfront commitments of time or money. Customers can pay for the services they use on a monthly basis at a fraction of the price of traditional analytical or modeling software. This feature allows any company, regardless of its size, to benefit from more efficient and profitable direct-mail campaigns.

Because the clario platform is an online service, the products can be used by a company’s in-house analysts or, when needed, Decision Intelligence analysts can provide consultation with real-time support in performing a number of analytical tasks, eliminating the need for expensive, specialized in-house analysts.

Three proprietary tools assist database marketers and analysts create effective, measurable and reliable marketing solutions:

clario workbench is an advanced tool used by Decision Intelligence and the customer’s data analysts as the canvas for creating analytic workflows, executing algorithms, performing data manipulations and implementing Decision Intelligence’s proprietary solutions. Workflows enabled by this product allow subscribers to: generate descriptive statistics on customer segments, create file reports and modeling files as well as customer attributes. The product adds value for subscribers by:

  • Providing a cost effective entry for companies seeking internal analytic capabilities without additional software or hardware investments;

  • Offering a quick, less expensive approach to large investments in IT database projects;

  • Utilizing an effective, more efficient approach to extracting value from customer data;

  • Leveraging internal technical skill capabilities

    clario model assists direct marketers in making better circulation decisions. As a complex workflow, it allows analysts to develop and manage more reliable predictive models. clario model has capabilities to produce multiple models to predict customer response, sales, profit, returns, credit, payment and product preference. It offers unique  features that include:

    variable reduction, model selection, model pro-forma, model metadata and a documentation library. 

    The product adds value for subscribers by:

  • Automating multiple model development tasks keeping labor costs low;

  • Incorporating Decision Intelligence’s best practices and precise yielding models to segment customer performance;

  • Organizing modeling projects during development and storing the documentation for future reference

    clario stream creates more accurate contact strategies to improve customer response and help companies get the most from their advertising dollars. Using multiple inputs, clario stream produces a “contact” or “no contact” plan for every customer, program and channel. Its unique features include: revenue cannibalization model, advertising saturation model, customer profit scoring, profit and investment contact streams, and multichannel, multiple-title optimization. The product adds value for subscribers by:

  • Reducing wasteful advertising;

  • Replacing ineffective contact decisions with more productive ones;

  • Assisting in better investment decisions; and

  • Measuring profit gains and ROI with an in-the-mail test.

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