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Online retail growth focus of new index


Some of the biggest names in e-commerce are part of a new investor index designed to track the performance of the online retail market.

San Diego-based EQM Indexes LLC, created the index (ticker symbol: IBUYXT) to track the combined performance of 40 to 50 global stocks that derive at least 70% of their revenue from online retail and virtual commerce including the online retail, online marketplace and online travel market segments. The companies that make up the index can be seen here.

According to Jane Edmondson, co-founder of EQM Indexes, an online retail index is timely and serves as a needed benchmark because of the growing global opportunity, increased Internet and mobile penetration and technological advancements.

While growth has slowed for traditional brick and mortar retailers, online retail continues to exhibit strong growth characteristics, gain market share, and expand globally, according to Edmondson. In addition, while 40% of the global population currently has Internet access, that level was expected to reach 50% percent by the end of 2015 thanks to smart mobile devices that enable consumers to shop online anywhere and anytime. Lastly, innovations such as electronic payment, rapid delivery by drone and virtual reality enhancements such as virtual showrooms and 3D display of merchandise will continue to improve the online shopping experience and drive future expansion and growth.

Quotes for the symbol IBUYXT can be accessed via Bloomberg, Reuters, and other financial data providers.

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