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One Stop to deploy Galleria merchandising solutions


Chicago U.K. c-store retailer One Stop said Tuesday that it has selected Galleria Retail Technology Solutions to help One Stop optimize selling space across the entire chain to enhance its customers’ shopping experience.

One Stop said it will leverage Galleria’s Behavioural Cluster Planning, Midi Space Analysis and Customer-Centric Merchandising solution, an integrated assortment planning and space optimization application, to generate customer-centric clusters, assortments and store-specific sales-driven planograms for its 500 stores throughout England and Wales.

“We are excited to be working with Galleria to turn our merchandising strategies into reality,” said Mervin Nugent, senior range manager, One Stop. “This combination of analytics and execution solutions will enable us to truly know our customers and meet their shopping expectations in every store.”

Galleria’s Behavioural Cluster Planning solution will enable One Stop to cluster stores naturally based on consumer behavior, utilizing granular product performance data such as historic sales, rest-of-market or manufacturer information, to create optimized cluster recommendations based on each category’s unique consumer buying behaviour and allowing One Stop to identify clusters with similar demand patterns.

Midi Space Analysis solutions will allow One Stop to evaluate each of its store’s available space to optimize category space allocation and maximize selling opportunities.

Using One Stop’s own demand intelligence and store-specific sales data, Galleria’s Customer-Centric Merchandising solution synchronizes the product assortment and space planning processes, allowing One Stop’s merchandisers to apply supply chain and inventory rules at a granular level to automatically create up to thousands of optimized planograms in seconds.

One Stop operates more than 500 shops throughout England and Wales. 

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