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One size fits none


The Bronx, N.Y., and Springhill, Fla. are two communities that have little in common aside from the fact that they are home to two of the 23 new stores Target opened last week. The Bronx is a hard-edged densely populated borough of New York City whose low income residents are ethnically diverse. Spring Hill, on the other hand, is a largely Caucasian, rural, middle class suburb north of Tampa.

Despite the disparity in incomes, lifestyle and ethnicity evident in these two markets, Target offered would-be customers at both locations an assortment of products and shopping experiences that are remarkably similar. There is something to be said for consistency, and Target operations have benefited over the years from an adherence to a one-size-fits-all approach. However, when the uniformity of the company’s offering is viewed against the context of two very different communities it becomes apparent that consistency also has its shortcomings and that the interests of customers could be better served through some measure of customization, even if it is modest.

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