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OfficeMax unveils digital collaboration center


OfficeMax has opened Digital IC2, a digital innovation collaboration center, in its headquarters in Naperville, Ill.

“I am extremely pleased to introduce our new Digital Innovation Collaboration Center, yet another key milestone demonstrating the overall progress of our Digital initiatives," said president and CEO Ravi Saligram. “The new center is aimed at fostering the creativity, collaboration and real-time innovation needed to expedite the delivery of digital solutions that expand upon our multichannel capabilities to better serve the rapidly changing ways that customers shop.”

The Digital IC2 was designed with direct input from digital associates to create a space that facilitates team communication and creativity based on the digital teams' work styles to help bring innovation to market. The center is part of OfficeMax’s strategic plan to create “a differentiated customer experience through next-generation digital innovation and enhancements.”

“OfficeMax is committed to expanding upon the award-winning digital experience that our customers have come to expect,” said Jim Barr, OfficeMax executive vice president and chief digital officer. “The OfficeMax Digital Innovation Collaboration Center is a highly interactive working environment that enables real-time innovation and ideation to help strengthen our position within the e-commerce and omni-channel landscape.”

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