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OfficeMax segments customers with Monetate LivePredict


Naperville, Ill. – OfficeMax is speeding up the process of customer segmentation with Monetate LivePredict, an automated segment discovery product designed to automatically identify valuable customer segments and their attributes. Using LivePredict, OfficeMax intends to identify, at the brand and campaign levels, highest and lowest-performing segments.

The solution is also designed to surface customer groups that respond well to a brand of campaign but have a lower number of visitors. Gregory Phillips, senior web analyst, testing and optimization at OfficeMax, said LivePredict has delivered customer insights that otherwise would not have been discovered.

“Before LivePredict, we might have run an A/B test on our site and evaluated the results across the whole customer base to determine if it was a success,” said Phillips. “With LivePredict, we can see the highest- and lowest-performing segments for each campaign we run, right within the user interface. So what we might have seen as an overall miss before actually could have been really successful for certain segments of our customer base. This insight allows us to target the campaign to segments that responded positively and try a different approach for the segments that didn't respond well the first time around.”

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