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NRF: Outline of 2015’s retail priorities


New York -- NRF president Matthew Shay told attendees of retail’s Big Show in New York City this week that the industry is well positioned for 2015 – with support from Washington, D.C.

“At the top of the list [of priorities] is the Marketplace Fairness Act. The MFA will level the playing field between brick-and-mortar and online retailers when it comes to collecting state sales taxes. The world of commerce has changed, and so should this law,” Shay said. “Last year we reshaped the debate on patent litigation reform. Now we want to move patent litigation reform through Congress, and to the president’s desk for signature. And on cyber security, we expect Congress to take a Common-sense approach to national standards for breach notification and information sharing. With a little help from Washington, we might – finally – unlock the potential in this economy and start growing again.”

Shay also said that the NRF will have three top policy priorities this year:

▪ Reforming the tax code. At 35%, the United States now has the highest corporate tax rate in the world. Broadening the base, lowering rates and streamlining the tax code will make the United States more competitive, spur growth and attract investment, Shay said.

▪ Updating trade agreements to open new markets for U.S. goods. Trade generates higher-paying jobs for workers and lower prices for consumers and we should aggressively pursue new trade deals, Shay said.

▪ Fixing the immigration system. If we’re going to continue to compete in the 21st century, we need an immigration system that ensures we can attract –- and retain –- the brightest and most skilled workers from around the world, Shay added.

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