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NRF continues to lobby for healthcare improvements


Despite the failure of a “skinny” repeal healthcare bill in the Senate, the National Retail Federation remains committed to fixing the Affordable Care Act.

The Senate defeated a "skinny repeal" bill designed to repeal and replace Obamacare early Friday morning. The proposed legislation promised to repeal the Affordable Care Act's individual and employer mandates, and temporarily repeal the medical device tax. The bill would have also given states more flexibility to allow insurance that doesn't comply with Obamacare regulations.

However, the bill was defeated — a move that disappointed the NRF, due to the fact that the Affordable Care Act continues to adversely influence staffing patterns. It also discourages full-time employment and drive up consumer prices, according to NRF VP for Health Care Policy Neil Trautwein.

“It was very disappointing to come so close on even a limited bill, but we will use our disappointment to fuel our push on incremental improvements that will lead to a better health care law,” Trautwein said. “While repeal remains the ultimate goal, there are many ways to reduce the burdens of this flawed law for the benefit of employers and workers alike. This fight is far from over.”

NRF opposed enactment of the ACA in 2010, and has worked since then to reduce cost burdens and ease compliance requirements. Among other changes, NRF has sought to restore the definition of “full-time” workers who large company must provide with health insurance to 40 hours a week rather than 30, to fix reporting requirements and roll back ACA taxes.
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