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NRF chief lobbyist speaks out against living wage bill


National Retail Federation SVPfor government relations David French spoke to Fox News' Stuart Varney about D.C.’s decision to pass a living wage bill requiring non-union, big box retailers to pay their employees $12.60 per hour. As a result of the bill's passing, Walmart has scrapped plans to open three stores in the District. While defenders of the bill point out that the living wage is a fair one given cost of living and the still challeneging economic climate, Varney says the District, via its council members, is turning down 2,000 jobs and French agrees. The NRF's chief lobbyist pointed out that while "many retailers would love to be in the District of Columbia," thank to the living wage bill, "we [big box retailers like Walmart] can love the District residents from the Maryland and Virginia borders."

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