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NPD: Sportswear suffering less significant


PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y. According to the NPD Group, downturn trends have been much softer in the athletic footwear market and apparel markets than for the larger economy as athletic footwear was down only 1.5% and the active apparel market posted a modest 0.7% gain for the three months ending in September.

In the U.S. also, there have been bright spots as athletic footwear sales to men and active apparel sales to women have continued to post solid gains over the same 3 month period.

Sales of athletic footwear to men 13+ used for “Casual/Everyday Use” were up 8.1% over the same three month period last year driven by a 10% climb in average sale price (from $42.32 up to $46.56). “Sport Use” athletic footwear sales were up with men 7.2% driven by an 8.5% increase in average sale price (from $44.75 to $48.57). All other age and gender groups were down over the same period.

Active Apparel sales posted a slight gain as sales to Men were down -4.6% while sales to Women were up 2%.

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