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NPD: holiday gift predictions for home


NPD Group has released its 2013 holiday gift predictions for the home.

“Some items on this year’s home holiday shopping lists deliver warmth, and others make it cold; some items are functional, and some are about the fun factor,” said Debra Mednick, executive director and home industry analyst. “Either way, the hottest home categories for the 2013 holiday season are designed to conveniently deliver comfort, improve health, or bestow simple affordable pleasures.”

The research company pointed to the following leading items:

  • Coffeemakers: All forms, from traditional drip coffee and espresso makers, to single-serve pod machines, are helping to perk up consumers this holiday season.

  • Food processing and blenders: This year, there is a focus on multifunctional blender/mixer/chopper systems and powerful countertop blenders.

  • Juice extractors: The current juicing trend and related health benefits will continue to fuel these sales.

  • Soda makers: This is the latest addition to today’s home, bringing customization, family fun and even environmentally friendly benefits — now with more product options for consumers to choose from than ever before.

  • Slow cookers: The convenience, versatility and comfort food delivered by these products continues to be popular with consumers.

  • Popcorn makers: It’s a healthy snack, fun for the family and a perfect fit with increased leisure time at home.

  • Frozen treat makers: These products delight the whole family with ice cream and frozen yogurt made their way.

  • Cast iron cookware: With and without enamel coating, this is a classic staple for indoor and outdoor kitchens, appealing to men and women through the benefit of healthy cooking and the convenience of easy cleanup.

  • Wine glass sets: From the basics to finer options, the selections for connoisseurs and casual wine drinkers are more specialized than ever.

  • Throws: The holiday season is the perfect time to snuggle up and add a little warmth, while keeping heating costs down.

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