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NPD: Garage sector booming


PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y. The NPD Group reported today that current economic woes are not keeping consumers -- particularly men -- from working on their garage.

“Garage storage is somewhat immune to the current housing market,” said Mark Delaney, director of The NPD Group’s home division. “It’s not like the kitchen category. Consumers who plan on redoing their garage are doing so, regardless of what the housing market is doing.” 

According to NPD, during the 12 months ended October 2007, men accounted for 64% of the dollar share in the garage storage and organization, the majority of which have a high-income and live in the Southern United States. Additionally, warehouse home centers accounted for 47% of the dollars in the garage and storage sector. Mass merchants followed at 32% and department stores at 5%.

The NPD said that the focus isn't just on basic garage storage, such as bike racks and tool hooks, but also on making the garage more of a living space, with refrigerators and flat-screen TV's.

“Garage storage is an up and coming category that seems somewhat recession-proof. Retailers looking to attract a higher income consumer should consider expanding their assortment in this area,” ended Delaney. 

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