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Now suppliers can know their digital SKU score


Digital BrandWorks has introduced a new diagnostic tool that lets product suppliers grade the representation of their products online and then develop strategies to optimize their presence.

"Each component of the SKU score tells a story and provides guidance on actions that can be taken to better protect the brand and increase sales," said Jeff Mariola, CEO Digital BrandWorks and Buy Happier. "The data captured is evaluated from various perspectives — the brand or manufacturer, the retailer and the consumer. We show the details of the score so companies know where and how to optimize their listings to increase conversion."

"The SKU score is made up of carefully selected attributes which we monitor dynamically and score based on unique criteria," Joe Scartz, chief marketing officer, Digital BrandWorks. "The importance of SKU presentation online is often discussed by organizations as something critical to brand integrity and the ability to maximize consumer satisfaction with the purchase, yet more often than not the conversation is anecdotal in nature. Our SKU score offers a way to make the review process more quantitative with a score based on certain characteristics of the listing."

The types of criteria for the SKU score include product, related to the quality of the product; pricing, related to the pricing integrity of the product; sellers, related to the retailers selling the product in the marketplace; listing, related to the quality of the listing in the marketplace; and distribution, related to the program for delivering the product to the consumer.

Partner companies include Broksonic, Calphalon, Coway, Elkay, Frieling, MineLab, Ninja, Shark and Ronco. Digital BrandWorks represents their brand partners in many leading marketplaces including Amazon, eBay, Best Buy, Buy Happier, Rakuten, Newegg and Sears.

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