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Nothing fishy about Supervalu's seafood policy


EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. — Supervalu, which already has committed to providing customers with sustainably-sourced wild-caught seafood, has taken the next steps to ensure its farm-raised seafood is also sourced responsibly. The company announced that it is partnering with the Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA) to implement a new, comprehensive procurement policy to ensure sustainable sourcing of farm-raised seafood. The company officially unveiled this agreement in conjunction with their participation at The International Boston Seafood Show, which is currently underway and is North America's largest seafood trade event.

Through this agreement, Supervalu will adopt Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification for the company’s aquaculture procurement policy. Supervalu said its goal is to work closely with GAA and suppliers to ensure that all farm-raised products are BAP certified to the farm level by early 2013, where certification standards are available.

In addition to this agreement, Supervalu announced the discontinuation of six wild-caught seafood species due to unsustainable sourcing concerns. This action follows Supervalu's commitment with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), announced last spring, to source 100% of its top-twenty wild-caught seafood products from sustainable fisheries or those on a clear pathway to sustainability by 2015.

“We’ve always viewed our sustainable seafood policy as an ongoing commitment. With this new agreement, Supervalu is fully committed to sustainable sourcing practices for both wild-caught and farm-raised seafood,” said Chris Hooks, Supervalu's VP meat, seafood, dairy and frozen foods. “When combined with our decision to discontinue six unsustainable seafood species from our stores, our customers can be confident that we are doing our part to ensure a viable seafood supply both now and in the future.”

The six specific seafood items being discontinued at Supervalu and its banners are: orange roughy, shark, monk, bluefin tuna, skates, and hoki.

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