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Nordstrom tops in customer satisfaction


New York City Nordstrom and Target continue to outrank their competition in the latest American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), but online retailers are gaining fast.

The ACSI, founded at the University of Michigan and based in Ann Arbor, says its index for e-tailers gained a percentage point to 83 (out of a possible 100) compared with offline retailers, which gained a percentage point to 76.

Among brick-and-mortar stores, Nordstrom -- with a score of 83 -- continues to outperform its department-store competition, including Kohl's (79). J.C. Penney (79), Dillard's (78), and Sears (74.) Macy's was the only company that lost points, as its score fell to 71. In the discount segment, Target -- with an 82 – easily beat Wal-Mart Stores, with 71.

In the online group, Netflix jumped 2 percentage points to 87 -- dethroning Amazon, at 86. Newegg fell a bit to 86, while eBay remained at 79.

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