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Nivea Haus, Berlin

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Few brands have translated their essence to the physical space as successfully as Nivea does in its Berlin flagship, Nivea Haus (House). Fashioned in the company’s signature ultra-blue and white hues, the store offers shoppers an immersive experience.

The 5,000-sq.-ft. space is open and spacious, with a modern, streamlined look and professional feel, enhanced by clean lines and a lack of clutter. Oversized lifestyle photos drive home the skin-and body-care brand’s positioning. The white-coated sales assistants are friendly and knowledgeable, and add to the store’s inviting vibe.

The approximately 5,000-sq.-ft. space showcases the depth of Nivea’s product assortment. An in-store photo feature allows customers to customize certain products with their own pictures. Shoppers can also walk into a large, globe-shaped interactive kiosk in the center of the store to access personalized beauty and skin information.

More than a store, Nivea House also features an extensive line-up of beauty and spa services, some with no-appointment needed, with the counter and waiting room located in the back of the store.

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