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Newgistics unveils cross-border e-commerce delivery service


Newgistics, a leading provider of end-to-end e-commerce solutions for top retailers and brands, is making it easier for U.S. retailers to access the largest markets overseas — including the U.K., Europe, Asia, Australia, Russia, China and South America — by expanding its parcel delivery and return services and reducing the costs of cross-border delivery.

Key features of Newgistics’ international solution include:

Delivery to 34 key global markets with plans for future expansion

Full end-to-end tracking

Direct injection into local markets and carriers to ensure local delivery expertise

Pre-paid and paid in-country returns processing

Fast customs clearance

Parcels delivered duty paid

Full control over packaging, email communications and other details so retailers can maintain a consistent brand experience no matter where their customers reside

“Managing logistics is one of the biggest challenges for e-tailers expanding overseas because international shipping has been expensive and often complicated, hit by delivery delays, customs hold-ups and unexpected additional charges,” said Ted Tanner, VP global solutions, Newgistics. “As a result, many U.S.-based e-tailers have been reluctant to target overseas customers, but we’re helping to change that. Our mission is to help retailers break down the barriers to growth in e-commerce and our new international delivery service gives them a fast, cost-effective solution to the challenge of international home delivery.”

According to Newgistics, its international solution offers a simple pricing structure without complex volumetric charges, along with fast paperless customs clearance and full tracking so that parcels can be monitored at every stage of the outbound journey until final confirmation of delivery.

For this new service, Newgistics is partnering with wnDirect which will manage the international transportation and customs clearance, including ID capture and duty payment management for countries where appropriate. Parcels collected in the U.S. will be shipped out of international gateways at Los Angeles, New York and Chicago, and will then be sent to domestic delivery partners for the final mile delivery to the customer.

“International e-commerce is a minefield of multiple languages, purchasing habits and expectations. Our entire offering is built on an appreciation of these challenges and, in response, for each market we deliver from and to we seek out a best-in-class partner,” said Stuart Hill, wnDirect’s CEO. “In the U.S. our partner of choice is Newgistics. We are delighted to have developed a partnership with them as, together, we have been able to create an exciting e-commerce solution to help U.S. retailers to begin capitalizing more on growing global markets.”

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