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New Wal-Mart ETF launches today


NEW YORK A new Wal-Mart supplier ETF began trading today on the New York Stock Exchange.

The FocusShares ISE-REVERE Wal-Mart Supplier Index Fund ETF, according to the companies is designed for investors looking to gain access to Wal-Mart sales while attempting to minimize other factors affecting the world’s largest retailer.

The product was created for investors who want to benefit from the value created by Wal-Mart suppliers, even though Wal-Mart’s own stock has not been meeting expectations, the ETF’s creators, FocusShares, ISE and Revere, reported. According to the companies, the new WSI ETF has significantly outperformed the company stock and has more closely correlated with Wal-Mart sales than Wal-Mart’s stock price.

The ETF includes 30 stocks that have identified themselves as Wal-Mart suppliers, among these are Del Monte Foods, Hanesbrands, Kellogg and Mattel.

“We welcome the opportunity to work with FocusShares and the International Securities Exchange to assist investors to evaluate and reach market segments more easily and accurately,” Kevin O’Brien, ceo of Revere Data said. “Using our unparalleled research methodology, we were able to identify a basket of Wal-Mart suppliers that give investors the ability to implement investment premises more efficiently and with great reliability on the world’s premier stock exchange.”

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