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A new leadership era begins at Advance Auto


Several key senior leadership changes took effect this week at the nation’s second largest automotive retailer as it looks to narrow the gap with AutoZone.

Advance Auto Parts, operator of nearly 3,800 stores, has a new president in George Sherman and a new EVP of merchandising, marketing and supply chain in Charles Tyson. Both men assumed their new positions on April 21, as part of a restructuring to simplify organizational alignment, improve role clarity and provide a more intense focus on strategic and operational execution, according to the company. In addition, Jim Durkin, who currently serves as president of Autopart International assumed the role of SVP of Advance’s commercial business.

The company also eliminated several roles, including the COO position held by Kevin Freeland and the SVP of commercial sales and marketing position held by Donna Broome. Both joined the company in 2008 and will remain in place to allow for a transition of their leadership responsibilities.

With the addition of a new president and the other moves, Advance Auto Part’s CEO Darren Jackson will continue to serve in that role and focus on strategic and leadership development.

"In order to allow our leaders to better inspire their teams, serve their customers and grow our business, we needed to simplify our business alignment and clarify roles so we can work together to build on our capabilities, accelerate our commercial growth and improve our profitability," Jackson said.

Sherman joined the company after a spending time in senior leadership roles at Best Buy, Home Depot and Target, where he spent 15 years. In his role as president, Sherman will be responsible for growing the commercial business and driving excellence throughout the company’s operations with oversight of field operations, store operations support, merchandising, marketing, supply chain and e-commerce.

Tyson, who currently serves as SVP of merchandising and marketing was elevated to the EVP level and given additional responsibility for supply chain. Tyson joined Advance in 2008 as an SVP of merchandising.

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