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New GS1 US Data Hub provides standardized supply chain data


Lawrenceville, N.J. -- A new online tool from supply chain information standards organization GS1 US, called the GS1 US Data Hub, will make it possible for retailers, e-tailers, data pools, solution providers and a variety of application developers to access the detailed information associated with GS1 company prefixes, the specific combination of numbers embedded in GS1 identifiers and barcodes to identify a company. Developed to help companies improve the quality of data in their businesses and applications, the GS1 US Data Hub is also available via an Application Programming Interface (API) developer portal.

The GS1 US Data Hub can help users validate their internal information against the GS1 US company prefix database and provides a source of standardized GS1 US data to be leveraged in both physical and digital channels. Users can review both active and inactive company prefixes issued by GS1 US, verify new trading partners to prevent counterfeit products from being sold, and create efficiencies by reducing the need to re-key information into existing systems.

GS1 US Data Hub users can easily download files and information to use and integrate with other applications. GS1 Company Prefixes can be searched in a variety of ways — including company name, Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) or Global Location Number (GLN) — helping companies fill in their data gaps. The GS1 US Data Hub allows users to select from several data sets and formats to fit their preferences and requirements. Future releases of the GS1 US Data Hub will offer more product and location-related data.

“The GS1 US Data Hub was developed in response to our customers’ need for accurate, qualified company information,” said Laura DiSciullo, senior VP of solutions, GS1 US. “There continues to be an unmet need for quality data in the supply chain. The GS1 US Data Hub provides downloadable, scalable information that can not only help industry be more efficient, but also more adaptable to changing consumer behaviors.”

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