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A new day for Retailing Today


Welcome to the new Retailing Today! We just relaunched our site and I wanted let you know about some of the changes, why we made them and what we didn’t change. Overall, our goal was to create a more reader-friendly site that presents our original content in a more compelling, visually engaging and accessible manner.

We know regular visitors to the site will find the changes disruptive, much the same way shoppers struggle to locate products when retailers reset stores. Our hope is that after an adjustment period you will love the changes because all the same information is here – the original content, unique research reports, breaking news, commentary from industry thought leaders – presented with unique perspective and occasional bias in support of the retail and consumer packaged goods industry.

The most noteworthy changes involve a dramatic increase in the use of photos and videos. Retail is a visual industry and we needed to do a better job showing what is happening on the sales floor, in the C-suite and the digital world.

Another motivating factor in the redesign was to make our site “responsive.” Retailing Today became an all-digital property in January 2008, a year after the introduction of the iPhone. There has been a proliferation of devices since then and for us to provide an optimal user experience we approached our site redesign with a mobile-first mindset that ensures Retailing Today renders properly on your phone, tablet and desktop.

We think we’ve accomplished these goals, for the time being anyway as the digital world evolves rapidly. Please let us know how we’ve done, what you like or don’t like and if there are deficiencies we work hard to fix them quickly.


Mike Troy, Editor, Retailing Today, [email protected], 813-857-6512

Gina Acosta, Online Editor, Retailing Today, [email protected], 813-627-6996

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