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New content engine helps retailers market on Instagram


New York -- A fast-growing start-up wants to help retailers and other brands market their goods on Instagram.

Olapic, a visual marketing content engine that helps turn consumer-generated photos and videos into brand assets, will be helping to integrate the recently announced Instagram Ads API for brands and retailers to start rolling out campaigns inside the app.

"We strongly believe the next major advertising channel will be Instagram," said Luis Sanz, COO and co-founder of Olapic. "Being able to create advertising that feels native to the platform experience is critical for success and Olapic offers a way to source engaging and authentic images from fans already on Instagram."

Brands are looking for Instagram advertising to help achieve business and marketing objectives, such as creating more shoppable environments and increasing conversion rates, the company said. By working with Olapic, brands can save tens of thousands of dollars on creative production costs by collecting images crafted by true brand fans and vetted by the Photorank((TM)) algorithm to predict performance.

This comes on the heels of Olapic announcing its “Predictive Consumer Generated Facebook Ads,” a new product that offers consumer-generated images for use in Facebook ads and for retargeting. Authentic consumer photos have proven effective in marketing channels such as e-commerce, email, Facebook ads and retargeting.

"Our performance numbers with Facebook ads are quite strong and we expect even better numbers from Instagram as most of the top performing content comes from that platform, making it ideal for a 100% native advertising experience," said Sanz.

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