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New Best Buy Store Designed for Women


New York City Best Buy will open a store Saturday in Aurora, Col., that was designed with women in mind, according to the Associated Press.

The store features skylights, floors carpeted in blue and earth tones, and wood paneling. Flat-screen televisions and appliances are displayed in home-like vignettes.

Best Buy asked 40 local female customers to work with it on ideas for the new store, according to the report. The customers said they wanted to see how products fit into their own lives and what products could work together.

"Best Buy has traditionally served men very well," Ginger Sorvari Bucklin, Best Buy Co.'s director of Winning With Women, told the AP. "Best Buy's roots 40 years ago was with high-end audiophiles. Because technology has changed so much, we know women make 45% of electronics purchases. This is about serving women better."

The store also features a lower sink for children in the bathroom, and a private room for new mothers, with carpeting, a rocking chair, free diapers and softer lighting.

While costs for the Aurora store were higher than typical stores, Best Buy expects to make it back by building long-term loyalty with customers, the report said.

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