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Neustar releases brand insight solution


Sterling, Va. - Neustar Inc, a provider of real-time information services and analytics, is releasing AK Media Insights Pro, a service that gives brands and agencies the ability to model and analyze their own media and audience data to uncover campaign insights that go beyond standard reports and dashboards. A new addition to Neustar’s Media Intelligence suite, the offering enables marketers to build and experiment with custom marketing attribution models that help them understand and maximize their media and audience mix, answer complex media questions, and improve campaign performance.

The offering is designed, built and delivered according to privacy by design principles, ensuring clients’ data privacy and security. It allows agencies and brands to use fine grain data to develop “what if” scenarios and test potential marketing mix strategies and opportunities for optimization, have access to de-duplicated first, second and third party data and digital campaign activity to understand the characteristics and attributes of customers and prospects as they move through the sales funnel, create custom data aggregations, and understand the impact of brand exposure on customers.

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