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Nebraska Furniture Mart selects Logility Voyager Solutions to support growth


Atlanta -- Supply chain solution provider Logility said Tuesday that Omaha, Neb., home furnishings retailer Nebraska Furniture Mart has selected Logility Voyager Solutions to help the company plan for and manage its growth into new markets.

To meet its goal of 75% growth by 2015, Nebraska Furniture Mart has embarked on an aggressive supply chain transformation project alongside a business improvement effort to streamline operations and accelerate the flow of information and products.

As Nebraska Furniture Mart assessed its current operations and where it plans to be, it said it became apparent the systems and processes in supply chain and logistics lacked the breadth and depth of functionality vital to achieving its goals. The retailer required end-to-end supply chain visibility from demand and supply planning to supplier collaboration and new product introductions through to freight planning.

“As we look to grow our business we must optimize our business processes and technology to ensure our success,” said Jay Buchanan, director-global supply chain and logistics, Nebraska Furniture Mart. “Logility Voyager Solutions is the best fit for supporting our growth plans and delivering the end-to-end supply chain management we require. The intuitive and easy to use software includes streamlined workflow management that will enable our team to stay focused on improving supply chain efficiency.”

Part of the Voyager solution is to deliver improved demand profiles, more accurate forecasting and greater supplier collaboration to allow Nebraska Furniture Mart to manage new product introductions and store growth more effectively, develop robust inventory plans to minimize stock-outs and satisfy customer demand, and capitalize on the benefits of improved freight management.

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