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Navy stores team with Celerant


Staten Island, N.Y. The Department of the U.S. Navy has selected Celerant Technology as the new retail software provider for its Ships Store Program.

Celerant will provide an end-to-end enterprise software solution that could be used on more than 150 naval ships.

With the software, called Command Retail, the naval stores will gain efficiencies of operation of workload reduction, corporate oversight and reduced training costs, equivalent to stores existing in traditional brick-and-mortar locations.

“With the selection of this new retail software provider for the U.S. Navy’s ship stores, the Navy will have taken a step in moving from a legacy environment to a more efficient corporate enterprise/distance support process. We expect significant efficiencies such as the reduction of training costs and inventory carrying costs,” said Charles Vaughan, VP Navy Exchange Service Command Afloat Operations/Ships Store Program.

“Implementing Command Retail will provide our fleet with a higher level of efficiency and the capability to make cost-effective operational decisions that weren’t as possible before.”

The Department of the Navy has approximately 155 Ship Stores on commissioned ships, carrying basic necessities, as well as a limited selection of such semi-luxury items as electronics and watches.

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