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Munchies on demand with 7-Eleven’s new college delivery service


7-Eleven is teaming up with a San Francisco start-up to launch an on-demand delivery service at select colleges.

The convenience store giant has partnered with Tapingo, a mobile commerce application for college campuses, to launch on-demand delivery of 7-Eleven products in the college market.

Tapingo users at, or near, the participating colleges in California, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Maryland can order delivery of 7-Eleven products from select, neighboring 7-Eleven stores. The shoppers can browse the 7-Eleven aisles through the app and have their items delivered quickly and efficiently, according to the retailer.

Using the Club Tapingo feature, which also provides exclusive promotions and VIP treatment, Tapingo users pay a $2.99 delivery charge, but no additional service fees.

"Tapingo users are largely college students who are digital natives," said Raja Doddala, 7-Eleven’s VP for innovation and ventures. “They are redefining convenience and accustomed to ordering what they want with a few taps on a computer or smartphone. Tapingo's technology helps us build a relationship with this demographic."

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