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Multiple Options with Faux Wall Panels


Brian Kampe, CEO of Texture Plus, spoke with Chain Store Age about how retailers can use faux wall panels and the advantages they offer more traditional materials.

What trends are you seeing in the use of faux wall panels in retail?

This year we’re seeing creations and combinations of natural textures such as wood to create bold surfaces. We’re seeing a lot of layering of different textures for maximum impact. Imperfect surfaces are being combined in compelling ways for the consumer.

How can these panels be used in a retail environment?

Retailers can use Texture Plus wall panels in places where, because of weight considerations, they have been unable to use cultured brick and stone products. Storefronts, siding, cash wraps, signage, interiors — you name it. Our products are also available fire rated whether indoors or outdoors.

Texture Plus faux wall panels are made for retail environments. Not only are the textures amazingly realistic, but the ease of installation and handling of two-by-four panels makes a build out incredibly cost effective.

Retail customers really appreciate that they can close the store in the evening, install panels overnight and be ready for a store opening the next morning with a completely refreshed space. It’s minimal downtime with maximum impact.

What advantages do faux wall panels offer over more traditional building materials?

Faux wall panels offer significant advantages over more traditional materials. Our panels are all easily installed with basic carpentry skills and tools. It’s a quick, clean install that takes a fraction of the time required for traditional materials. This saves customers valuable time and money in labor and material costs without sacrificing a high-end look.

How is Texture Plus positioned in the market? What differentiates it from competitors?

We are the retail solution for store design and rollouts. Since everything is handled in-house in our New York manufacturing plant, we have complete control of the product and process from start to finish, which is why we can offer custom colors, design and manufacture specialty products. We understand rollouts and offer the most competitive pricing in the marketplace and can deliver in the timelines needed. We’ve just redesigned our website which will make it even easier for our customers to find the right product for their project.

Tell us about Texture Plus’ product lineup.

We have more than 850 faux wall panel design options ranging from brick to stone to bamboo and more. Our wall panels are widely used in thousands of successful installations for commercial, retail, theme parks, hospitality, trade show design and other industries in a wide range of climates. We also offer ledgers, molding, columns, corners and even textured caulk to make the project as seamless as possible.

What extra services does the company offer?

Whether you’re designing a single store or a multi-space program, we can offer take-offs, special pricing, drop shipping direct to locations, coordination with your general contractor, specialized team instructions and date-specific delivery if required or support as needed.

If the project warrants, we can also create customized textures as well as colors. We integrate with any rollout system and enjoy working with brands including Foot Locker/Champs Sports, The Body Shop, Macy’s, Lord & Taylor, Mark’s Warehouse, Ashley and others. Our team is ready for any challenge.

What’s the installation like?

In a word, painless. Whether you’re designing a new space or refreshing a tired interior, Texture Plus faux wall panels save you time and labor costs. Each panel is 2 feet tall and 4 feet wide, and half an inch to 5/8 inches thick and comes in an easy-to-install interlocking design. Just slide the panels together for a seamless finish.

With extraordinarily realistic manufactured brick, stone, wood, bamboo and metal designs, Texture Plus wall panels are high quality, affordable and easy to use. With just a drill, screws/glue and a bit of caulk, you’ve got what you need to create an entirely fresh look. Our customers are amazed at how easy and quickly the installation process happens — they get the look without the hassle.

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