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MTI launches in-store radio for Rite Aid


MIAMI BEACH, Fla. MTI has designed a music and messaging program exclusively for Rite Aid. Rite Aid radio can be heard in more than 5,000 Rite Aid locations across the United States. The radio broadcasts music as wll as messages to Rite Aid customers.

The partnership is the resumption of a relationship from the 1990's when MTI provided a similar program to Rite Aid for many years. MTI is quick to point out that although there are similarities between this and the original program, much has changed. "We relished the opportunity to start from scratch with Rite Aid in creating a music environment that is much more 'in tune' with their customers," said Bradley Golden, president of MTI. "We feel that we have helped to create an even more inviting audio ambiance in the stores."

The Rite Aid Radio Network is one of the largest retail music and messaging networks in the world. The network is carefully managed by Music Technologies International and is broadcast via satellite for dissemination by Rite Aid through its proprietary satellite network.

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