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mShopper upgrades mobile commerce platform


mShopper, a global mobile commerce platform provider, has launched version 4.1 of mStore. With the addition of new user-experience improvements, universal navigation, extensive use of product imagery and custom faceted search, mShopper's new mStore is set up to help online retailers drive conversions and improve sales.

"In today's world of instant demand and wildly distracted mobile shoppers, online stores need to deliver an outstanding user interface that lets their customers get to the 'buy' button as quickly as possible. As a mobile commerce platform provider, our obsession is to help online retailers capture more traffic and convert that traffic into incremental sales," said mShopper CEO David Gould. "Our mission is to make a sale as easy and intuitive as possible. Efficient UX will improve conversion rates while reducing page views per session which is always our goal."

mShopper’s key new features include the following:

  • Nevergoback, which lets shoppers move forward in their session without having to go backward to search, browse or edit shopping cart contents and payment details

  • Visicart, which lets users see their purchases in shopping cart and checkout pages

  • Universal navigation, which allows retailers to dynamically configure optimum search and browse elements that are accessible from every page in mStore

  • Custom faceted search, which creates filtering on product attributes and keywords for every product category

  • Responsive design, which is ideal for any smartphone or tablet and improves page-load times over first generation responsive sites

  • Mobile traffic configurator, which lets marketers configure precise percentages of traffic by device for built in A/B testing

  • Flexible live tile layout with JQuery, which reverts for easy viewing and immediate presentation of critical product information

  • GPS store locator for finding nearby physical locations

  • Unlimited custom pages with full HTML

  • Time-bombed curated (“themed") sales, which can be created to target customers based on season, merchandising needs, or even time of day

  • SMS marketing and SMS-based abandoned cart automation, which sends follow-up messages or offers to customers who don't complete their transactions

Because mShopper's platform is powered by a data feed, any online retailer can be live within a matter of days, according to the company. An assortment of APIs is also available for customers who want to seamlessly integrate with existing shopping carts, payment gateways or marketing automation solutions.

mShopper focuses its product development using statistics and feedback gathered from their customer base. By tracking key performance metrics, mShopper are able to build the features into their products that their customers need to be successful in the fast-moving world of online retail.

Prices start at $500 for setup, with a $49 ongoing hosting fee, and a nominal performance fee that dramatically lowers the investment-risk of going mobile for businesses and ensures a joint focus on maximizing mobile conversion rates by both customers and mShopper.

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