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Moms migrating more of their purchases to mobile


Moms are now much more likely than ever to complete a purchase via mobile, rather than simply using their devices to compare prices and find coupons.

According to a new infographic from pregnancy and parenting website BabyCenter, in just one year, there has been a 33% increase in moms using their smartphones for making actual purchases. Sixty-four percent of moms say they had completed a purchase via mobile in the last month, in comparison to 48% who said the same in 2014.

In addition, 70% have used their smartphone for shopping while they were inside a physical store, with 48% saying they would purchase items via their device if they could not find them on the racks.

Ease of use is still a factor, with 59% of the survey’s respondents agreeing that it can be difficult to type so much information into their phone to make a purchase. However, four in 10 agree that one-click buying has made them more likely to buy items with their mobile devices.

A separate 2015 survey of mobile moms conducted by BabyCenter also found significant upticks year-over-year in a variety of other shopping-related mobile behaviors undertaken by U.S. moms, including:

• Visiting a retailer or shopping site: 73% (up 7%).

• Using mobile coupons: 61% (up 13%).

• Using a retailer app: 58% (up 14%).

• Looking up prices online while shopping in a store: 56% (up 14%).

• Photographing something they are considering buying: 47% (up 14%).

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