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Mojix completes RFID tests for Metro Group


Los Angeles Mojix said Wednesday it has completed successful tests of the Mojix Star system at Metro Group, in which breakthrough levels of read rate performance for passive RFID tags were achieved across multiple use cases including RFID-tagged fast-moving goods and item-level tagged apparel.

The testing was conducted at the Metro Group RFID Innovation Centre in Neuss, Germany.

The Star system was tested across multiple use cases, including case and pallet level use cases involving dock door portals as applicable in distribution centers and warehouses, and item level applications in retail stores. In the apparel test case, the Mojix Star system achieved 99% read percentage of item level RFID tagged apparel in the Gerry Weber retail store setting inside the Metro Group RFID Innovation Centre.

The testing replicated the environment of a typical apparel store with tagged items including various types of hanging and stacked garments and accessories. Additional tests conducted at Metro Group examined read rate performance for a variety of RFID tagged goods including RFID challenging goods, as well as various pallet configurations including hundred of items and mixed goods tagged at case level.

In these tests, the Mojix Star system achieved comparable and slightly better read performance than conventional passive RFID readers tested.

The Mojix Star system uses advanced digital signal processing and a flexible new RFID systems architecture to deliver expanded utility and value to RFID deployments.

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