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Mobile Devices Provide Effective Customer Data Channel


Retailers should take advantage of the constant availability of data created by near-ubiquitous mobile penetration among consumers, advised Michael Olmstead, director, Plug and Play Retail, a Silicon Valley-based global start-up accelerator and investor.

“Our generation has a constant in-flow of information, much of which we receive on our mobile electronics,” said Olmstead. “From text messages and emails to world news to discounts on stores and restaurants, nearly all information is readily available and easily attained.”

In recent years, many retailers have realized the importance of mobile technology and have begun to implement it to more effectively target customers, he added.

“The ability to instantly send out time-, product- and location-sensitive retailer information to a tailored group of consumers is an aspect of mobile technology that can bring more attention to retailer activity,” Olmstead said. “This will establish a better retailer-consumer relationship by boosting both sales and consumer satisfaction.”

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