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M&M Food Market, Burlington, Ontario (Canada)

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Canadian specialty frozen food retailer M&M Meat Shops has changed its name to M&M Food Market as part of a total brand reinvention that includes a new store experience.

Complete with new shopping carts, color-coded in-store signage, merchandising displays and a kitchen, the new store concept works to create a more effective, convenient and hands-on shopping experience.

Designed by Shikatani Lacroix, the format is now being rolled out across Canada.

The newly redesigned stores are organized by category to help simplify the shopping experience and to offer a redefined in-store experience, complete with “meal advisors” and a more consumer-centric category assortment.

In addition to the entirely new store experience, Shikatani Lacroix completely redesigned M&M’s full line of packaging. The formerly all-white packaging is now color-coded to segment by food category and includes full-color food imagery to increase appetite appeal and help customers navigate the 400-plus SKUs.

Shikatani Lacroix also developed a new logo, redesigned the M&M website and created new staff uniforms for M&M.

Founded in 1980, M&M Food Market is a leading Canadian retailer of fine frozen foods. It is headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario.
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