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Mighty Mice


The wireless mouse has been around a few years but now suppliers are creating new units that do double duty.

The LogiTech MX Air Mouse (pictured) functions as a normal wireless mouse and features a gyroscopic laser sensor that allows it to function in mid-air like a TV remote. The unit also comes with a charging base.

Asus this spring will debut its new wireless mouse that includes a USB flash drive. The company has named the mouse the MS71 but hasn’t released details on storage capacity or price. Another model from Dard Designch harkens back to simpler times and doubles as a wireless mouse and pocket-sized calculator for travelers who need to crunch numbers on the fly.

And European supplier Brando has created the first wireless mouse that can be mounted on a finger. Aptly named the Finger Mouse, the device attaches to the index finger with a strap and can be controlled using your thumb with click buttons on the left side.

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