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Mexican apparel retailer automates supply chain


Mexico City - Mexican brand manufacturer and retailer Ferrioni is updating several legacy systems and processes by implementing the complete Jesta I.S. Vision Suite. Ferrioni will not only replace its manual supply chain processes to fully automated ones, but it will also replace legacy POS and merchandising systems.

The Vision Suite supply chain solution includes three main components: Vision Sourcing & Demand, Vision Merchandising and Vision Store. Each component and its sub-modules are supported by an omni-mobile solution, Vision Mobile, allowing Ferrioni to expand its traditional workplace with enterprise notifications and alerts from anywhere, at any time. Upon deployment, Ferrioni will have complete and real-time insight into any part of its business process, thus becoming more efficient and secure in the movement of goods from conception to delivery.

“During the last 12 months, we were looking for a fully integrated end-to-end solution that encompasses all our departments,” said Gerardo Dunand, CEO of Ferrioni. “Upon reviewing several systems, we concluded that Jesta I.S. not only understood our apparel business processes better than any other vendor, but there was a very good cultural fit between the two companies. The Vision Suite will streamline our business processes, thus allowing us to access our information more efficiently. We believe that The Vision Suite will deliver a complete solution to support our growth plans.”

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