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Metro Group improves supply chain transparency


Dusseldorf, Germany – Germany-based global retailer Metro Group has partnered with Frequentz, Inc., a provider of end-to-end visibility solutions, to build customer trust through supply chain transparency. Frequentz's track and trace system will provide Metro with the tools it needs to monitor pharmaceuticals, seafood and produce across stores in 31 countries.

Frequentz's system is not solely reliant on GS1 standards but adaptable to all companies regardless of standards deployed, simplifying international traceability.

"We chose to align ourselves with Frequentz for many reasons," said Hans Juergen Matern, VP, head of corporate sustainability and regulatory affairs, Metro Group. "They have given us a tool that supports our business globally by providing valuable insights into our supply chain, while demonstrating to our customers that we care about ensuring the authenticity of their purchase.”

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