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Messcalino deploys ADT security solution


Boca Raton, Fla. Spanish apparel retailer Messcalino said Monday it has deployed ADT’s Sensormatic item-level intelligence solution in one of its newest stores in Figueres, Spain.

The solution is intended to help boost efficiency, customer service and sales with a multi-sensor approach to managing store inventory that combines item-level RFID technology with an anti-theft system.

According to ADT, results from Messcalino’s installation showed that real-time inventory visibility helped better match merchandise selection to customer demand. The solution also helped avoid out-of-stocks, which improves customer service, satisfaction and loyalty while boosting sales. Another benefit found that store associates no longer had to conduct time-consuming and error-prone manual inventory counts, giving them more time to serve customers.

“ADT’s Sensormatic solution offers greater product availability, precise re-stocking and an effective calculation of the inventory cycle in the shop with item level RFID technology while providing exceptional levels of anti-theft protection within our retail shop,” said John Roch, Messcalino’s COO.

The Sensormatic item level intelligence solution from ADT also helps Messcalino optimize its stock availability.

ADT worked with Cetemmsa, a Barcelona-based R&D center and consultant, to implement the new solution for Messcalino.

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