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Meijer rewrites rules of ''Black Friday''


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. Meijer announced that it is re-writing the rules of “Black Friday” shopping by releasing its special holiday sale pricing a full ten days before the Thanksgiving holiday.

The announcement was made Monday by Stacie Behler, vp of public affairs for the Grand Rapids-based retailer.

“Thanksgiving weekend generates more excitement than any other shopping time of the year,” Behler said. “Normally, retailers try their best to keep their special prices secret as long as possible. However, we are so proud of our great prices and special offerings this year, we just didn’t want to wait.”

Meijer, which is open on Thanksgiving, has unveiled three separate holiday ads of savings so its customers won’t have to wait to discover what they can save.

Meijer’s holiday ads tell the story of this holiday hottest wish-list items, loaded with electronics, jewelry and toys.

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