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Meijer goes for private label gold


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. Meijer has launched a new premium private label brand that it claims "offers unexpected and indulgent discoveries at affordable prices."

The new Meijer Gold line, according to the company, features such items as mustard prepared from an age-old German recipe by a long-time Midwest company and salsa created by an acclaimed family-owned Southern California producer.


"Meijer customers have great taste, and it's our job to keep providing them with great-tasting food items," said Ralph Fischer, group VP foods at Meijer. "But we also want to offer them products that they won't find anywhere else, and that's exactly what Meijer Gold offers. We've traveled the globe and looked in small towns to source premium products that have a distinctive history, heritage or story."


The Meijer Gold line is a re-imagining of the line originally launched in 2005 to provide a premium version of everyday items. This new approach to the Meijer Gold brand is a result of Meijer's desire to deepen its commitment and connection to regionally sourced foods, family-run businesses, and authentic and distinctive recipes, the company reported.

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