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Meijer delivers mPerks Baby Rewards program


Meijer announced the introduction of the mPerks Baby Rewards program, offering rewards on baby merchandise purchases, allowing customers to personalize rewards and earn $10 off their shopping purchases for every $100 they spend on items like diapers, baby wipes, training pants and toddler food.

The retailer's expansion of the program comes soon after the number of prescribers passed 1.7 million; enrolled customers saved $25 million so far this year, with as many as 45,000 customers signing up for the program each week.

The new program is the second expansion to mPerks this summer. Last month, Meijer introduced Pharmacy Rewards, allowing customers to personalize savings and earn rewards in the areas where they shop whenever they fill a prescription. mPerks itself was launched in fall 2010.

"There are so many purchases parents make every week, so Baby Rewards is just one more way we are going beyond our everyday low prices and weekly specials to help shoppers save based on their buying habits," Meijer VP customer marketing and emerging technology Michael Ross said. "We are really hoping customers will take advantage of being an mPerks member, especially now that there are even more savings at the checkout."

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