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Me-Ality launches online denim shopping experience


San Francisco -- The digital sizing station Me-Ality that made headlines for creating a denim size-matching solution inside Bloomingdale’s stores has now launched a new online retail shopping experience that allows shoppers to personalize their favorite brands to their own body shapes.

MeID allows online shoppers, with the touch of a button, to create their own virtual fit profile, and take part in a size-matching session at home or office. According to Me-Ality, the online Fit Demo feature provides the same sizing accuracy as its in-store counterpart.

Here’s how MeID works: The customer enters four points of body measurements into Me-Ality 3-D online database to create their virtual fit profile MeIDsa. Me-Ality database consists of more than 200 billion body data points. Within seconds, the customer will receive their Me-ID and a personalized shopping guide that features recommended styles based on their unique body shape, as well as an online profile which acts as a virtual fit advisor, giving the consumer confidence to purchase their Best-Fit styles across the company's apparel brands online.

Shopper recommendations are based on Brand (identifying fit lines/body types targeted by the brand), Style (the fit line within the brand, such as slim, regular etc.), SKU (the fit line within a style, such as skinny low rise or skinny mid-rise, etc.), Fabric (fabric blends and overall stretches — cotton, nylon, viscose, etc.) and Color (rinses and finishes).

“Sixty-two percent of women who shop cannot find clothes that fit,” explained Me-Ality founder and executive chairwoman Tanya Shaw. “Over $45 billion dollars of clothing is returned due to poor fit every year. Me-Ality is the solution to this problem, having already provided personalized shopping recommendations to more than one million customers nationwide, each catered to best fit the customers' unique body type.”

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