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Maybe she’ll write a song about it


From win-win to lose-lose. Do enough deals with different celebrities and sooner or later one of them is bound to blow up. That’s what happened to Target last week when entertainer/singer/gay rights advocate Lady Gaga had a change of heart regarding a prior commitment with Target.

As was announced last month, Target had an exclusive arrangement to sell a deluxe edition of Gaga’s newest album due out May 23. However, Gaga decided to end the arrangement reportedly because Target wasn’t doing enough to support gay and lesbian causes, and she wanted to influence their future political giving. Target said it was surprised and disappointed.

Disappointed maybe, but not surprised. In fact, considering how many of these types of exclusive arrangements Target has entered into over the past decade with a broad spectrum of designers, entertainers and sport personalities it is a wonder more of them haven’t ended badly. So one slipped through the cracks with Gaga? It could have been worse. The company could have signed an exclusive agreement with Charlie Sheen to promote a deluxe DVD set of Two and Half Men right before the star of the series went off the deep end.

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