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Max-Wellness tries mini-stores on for size


CLEVELAND — Max-Wellness is set to open the first of its new concept Mini-Max stores in the Center for Healthy Living situated on the 83-acre campus of Moorings Park, an upscale Naples, Fla., retirement community.

The grand opening will be held May 7 and will feature a number of services for its 700-plus residents and visitors, including medical and exercise facilities, a spa and beauty center and a 75-seat movie theater.

“We’re extremely pleased to collaborate with Max-Wellness to situate a store in our new Center for Healthy Living," stated Moorings Park CEO Dan Lavender. "Our companies share a common objective to provide outstanding service and convenience for our residents, staff and guests.”

The merchandise selected for the Moorings Park location was done in collaboration with its medical staff and wellness providers. Products range from natural and organic vitamins and supplements to mobility devices, fitness items, braces and supports.

The Max-Wellness store at Moorings Park will be staffed by trained wellness advocates to help residents and staff navigate Max-Wellness' "Product & Answers for Healthy Living" offering.

Max-Wellness reported that Moorings Park will be a prototype operation used as a springboard for future expansion in other markets throughout the country. "Today there are approximately 30,000 retirement facilities operating in the U.S., and Max-Wellness intends to focus primarily on upscale operations," said Max-Wellness CEO Michael Feuer. "Last year, Max-Wellness opened its first hospital Mini-Max test store, located in Lake West Medical Center, in a far eastern Cleveland suburb. The company is exploring additional hospital expansion similar in size to the new approximately 500 sq. ft. Moorings Park store," he said. "The hospital stores are typically located in the main lobby and feature products for patients to advance their rehabilitation and care after leaving a medical center."

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