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Marshall Retail Group bets on D.L. Neu fulfillment


Las Vegas – Marshall Retail Group (MRG), an independent specialty retailer in the casino resort marketplace, is betting that D.L. Neu will help bolster its order fulfillment processes. MRG has awarded a contract to D.L. Neu to provide an order fulfillment system featuring a newly engineered “Shuffle Sorter” which automatically routes inbound put-to-light totes to the appropriate lanes.

It will be implemented at MRG’s new distribution center in Las Vegas. MRG was challenged with the amount of space available, as well as the amount of labor required for its growing operation. MRG worked with D.L. Neu to develop a solution that utilized new space, streamlined flow and reduced travel times.

The new “Shuffle Sorter” is designed to greatly reduce the recirculation and overall travel time of internal order processing totes and shipping. The solution also includes warehouse control system (WCS) software, put-to-light technology, new conveyor systems, rack and mezzanine systems. The system is scheduled to go live the summer of 2015.
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