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Mall traffic returns to pre-recession level


Chicago The latest ShopperTrak report found that mall foot traffic in both May and June was equal to that of May and June 2008, representing a return to “pre-recession” traffic levels.

In fact, after adjusting for the fact that Easter fell in different months in 2008-2009, traffic has been steady year over year since February.

“We have been watching mall traffic for awhile to make sure that this trend held true,” said Bill Martin, co-founder of ShopperTrak. “But our numbers show that, while retail spending has not yet recovered, shoppers are definitely returning to the malls.”

ShopperTrak will report on mall traffic again after the critical back-to-school season is complete.

“While there are mixed opinions on how retailers’ year-over-year sales will fare, I see no reason why mall traffic will not continue these recent positive trends,” Martin said.

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