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Making the Most of Facebook Home


According to Rick Chavie, VP of OmniCommerce at hybris Software in Atlanta, there are a few steps brands can take to make the most of Facebook Home.

"Give customers an incentive to activate push notifications through to Facebook," Chavie said. "You may not be able to get people to check your brand app regularly, but you indirectly feed it through Facebook Home."

Another way is to focus on time-of-day placement based on extrapolation of when customers tend to use your own app.

Although retailers should be maximizing efforts on the site already, Chavie believes Facebook Home should be top of mind for some brands more than others.

"This will likely work better for brands which are frequently shopped, such as grocery, pharmacies and apparel companies — especially when new arrivals come in for the season — as opposed to brands with products consumers shop for more infrequently, from furniture and TVs to computers and cars," he said.

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