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Mackage, Montreal

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Photos by Ben Rahn/A-Frame Studio

Canadian luxury outerwear brand Mackage returned to its hometown to open a sleek flagship that will serve as a prototype for the brand’s international rollout. The space evokes the dramatic beauty of artic winter landscapes, brought to life with luxurious materials.

Designed by Toronto-based Burdifilek, the 2,000-sq.-ft. store has a modern environment that mixes urban sophistication with a feeling of the outdoors. The exterior has an air of intrigue, with an all-black, opaque metal wall, marked only by the company’s backlit logo, which entices passers-by to see what’s inside. (The store in the Carrefour Laval shopping mall.)

The luxurious interior features all-natural materials, custom-designed fittings and ceruse oak smoked flooring with a marble catwalk inlay. The space is divided into four merchandise zones. Each is articulated with backlit, wall-to-wall photography of Canada’s landscape, sculptural marble displays in the shape of icebergs and black racks with marble shelves. Museum quality LEDs accentuate the color renditions of the product while underscoring the dramatic mood.

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